Sunday, January 11, 2009

They still believe....

This story begins with our annual visit to Santa at the Mall. The same Santa they have visited each year (and the same one we followed on his lunch break a couple of years ago to eat at Taco Bell....yes they had to have Taco Bell that day for lunch too because "that's where Santa eats!") This year, just a week or so before Christmas, Emma hops up on his lap to tell him what she wants. She proceeds to tell him she wants a Mermaid Barbie doll and a Polly Pocket Mall. How cute! Except that she never mentioned these two things before, and what kind of Mommy would I be if I let her be disappointed because Santa didn't bring her the two things she specifically asked for??

Yes, I came home and hopped on Amazon and quickly found a Mermaid Barbie doll for $15. Perfect. Mission accomplished. Next is Polly Pocket mall. Wait! $149.99??? Lovely. Well a friend tracked it down at Target for $50 and still that seemed steep since Santa was already done shopping. Low and behold, the Sunday before Christmas, Target marked them down to $29. Sold!

This leads to today. I hear Ethan playing Legos next to Emma who is trying to open her Polly Pocket Mall. She exclaims with all the exasperation she can muster "WHY does Santa have to make this so HARD???" Followed by a very  long sigh....

Ethan responds with his usual logic, "Emma, it's not Santa, its the Elves."

Emma thinks for a minute and says matter of factly, "Well, those Elves are NOT very smart!"

I have to admit I've had trouble helping her get the mall to go up and down so I have to agree with her on this one. ;) And No, that is NOT Emma gazing lovingly at the Mall in this picture.

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