Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Just in time.....

So one of my goals in 2008 was to start a blog. How is this for last minute? lol!

I've never thought I could possibly find enough about me to write a blog, but my kids will provide plenty of material I'm sure. As my business changes the course I've been following for over 5 years, now is the time to focus on enjoying my kids and living in the joy they bring to our lives. I say this as my 5yo daughter is doing "interpretive dancing" to my iphone music. She has informed me she does NOT need dance lessons because she does in fact already know how to dance! :0) Followed by her little tidbit of information she needed to share with us in the midst of dancing...."Well, if a Robber comes in, I'll kick him in the face because I know Karate!" After a minute, Ethan asked her...."Who is Robert?" ;)

So here is my first post on the last day of 2008. More to come in 2009!